Homenetmen Providence Scouts Start Their New Year

By: Y. Mkrtich Arslanyan & K. Anahid Donoyan

On Saturday, September 11th, the Providence Scouts reunited at Sts. Vartanantz Church for their first havak (gathering) of the new Scouting Year. The Ari and Arenoushes (Scouts older than 12) gathered the to discuss their plans for the upcoming year, what the expectations are for them, and what their expectations are for their Leaders. They discussed upcoming events like their Yertman Araroghoutun (Oath Ceremony), apple picking, costume party and brainstormed about activities and outings they would like to do this year, like a local providence panagoum (camp) and camping trips. The Kaylig and Ardzvigs (Scouts 12 and younger) exercised together, played a few ice breaking games to introduce themselves and speak abut their, and then went to their classrooms to review the lyrics to Mer Hayrenik, Ov Hye Ari, and Harach Nahadag.

      On Saturday, September 18th, the Ari and Arenoushes split up into their classrooms. The Ayp Gark (First Gark) class learned about how to create a Newsletter. They learned about what makes up a newsletter, the information it as to contain, and why it is important for a chapter to have a newsletter. This lecture was the basis for the creation of this Newsletter! Kouyrs (Sisters) Arpi Donoyan and Nora Tarbinian first expressed interest in writing articles about Scouts and what they were doing, and this led to the creation of the Մաւնաճյիւղ (Masnajouygh) Monthly. The Norendza (Newcomers) Class learned about early Armenian history and how Armenia came to be a Christian country. The Kaylig and Ardzvigs again reviewed the anthems after their exercise and then practiced marching. They played “Simon Says” so that they could practice the commands while having fun.

     On Saturday, September 25th, The Ari and did not meet as most of our members are also members of the AYF and the AYF was hosting their Junior Olympic Games (JAG) that same weekend. The Leaders and Scouting Khorout (Scout Council) decided to cancel so that our Ari and Arenoushes could enjoy the AYF event. However, the Kaylig and Ardzvigs did meet and with our upcoming Yertman Araroghoutouyn (Oath Ceremony), they again practiced their marching. They practiced how to get in and out of line, reviewed what their commands were, and again played “Simon Says” so that they could have fun while learning.

     September was a very important month for our Scouts. They were all focused on being as prepared as possible for the upcoming Yertman Araroghoutouyn (Oath Ceremony), starting up this newsletter, as well as planning for the upcoming year. We are very excited to continue to share with the community what our Scouts are doing and all of their upcoming plans!

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