Y. Hagop Khatchadourian

Y. Sarkis Tarbinian

My name is Yeghpayr Hagop Khatchadourian, I am 66 years old, ready to retire in June 2022 from work as a Principal Engineer from Electric Boat and devote all of my time to my dear family, grandkids, and continue serving the church, Homenetmen and Hamazkayin. I have been serving Homenetmen for at least 43 years; started as a cub scout and then scout in Aleppo where I was born, and then migrated to the USA in 1969 and settled in Providence with my family at age of 13. I wear many hats locally and on the regional levels. I have been serving the Armenian Apostolic Church all my life and was one of youngest members that started the Providence Homenetmen chapter in 1981. During my younger days, I played on the soccer team and since 1981 served on the Providence Chapter Executive for 16 years (currently on the Executive). In addition, served on the Eastern Regional Executive for three terms (six years) and participated as a delegate to at least 30 Eastern Regional conventions.   I had the greatest honor and privilege to be elected and participate on three occasions, as Eastern Regional delegate to the World Homenetmen convention. My lifetime motto has been, “Family, Church, Armenian Nation and hard work; in all, dedicated to serve in Faith, Hope & Love”. As a staunch Homenetmen-agan, my lifetime service has been to engage and organize the Providence youth, mentor and prepare the next generation of leaders to serve, better than what I have accomplished so far. The most heartfelt memento that I would pass on to the youngsters is to remember your Homenetmen oath, make it your lifetime vocation and live by its words: “On my honor, be faithful to God and serve the Armenian people and Nation. Always help others, serve with sense of duty and responsibility, as a brave and noble person”, «Ծառայել իբրեւ պարտականութեանը գիտակից, արի եւ վեհանձն մարդ»: 

My name is Yeghpayr Sarkis Tarpinian and I have been a Homenetmen member since the start of the Providence Chapter in 1981. Starting as a scout, I made my way up the ranks to Varich Arachnort. I attended numerous regional and local panagoums; and assisted the shurchanian scout director and Khmpabed during the 1987 regional panagoum when it was held at Camp Haiastan. Once I was able to participate in athletics, I did not pass up on the opportunity. Attending over 30 Navasartian Games, I have played basketball, volleyball, track and field, and soccer. I even coached women’s volleyball, and men’s basketball and volleyball. On a local level, I have participated in junior and senior leagues of soccer, volleyball, and basketball, and coached  the junior soccer team in the early 2000s. I have served on Varchoutouyn numerous times with positions such as athletic director and chairperson. For the first time this year, I am the recording secretary. Also on a local level, I have been on the athletic committee. On a regional level I have served on the athletic committee and about 4 times on regional executive. In 1994, I helped in working on the original newsletter in 1994 titled “The Homenetmen Newsletter”. One thing I love about Homenetmen is that it is an opportunity to meet new people and it also gives you the opportunity to be able to stay connected with old kouyrs and yeghpayrs. I am looking forward to the upcoming year and hope to continue to carry on the instilled traditions and values Homenetmen has.

K. Galin Tashian

K. Manoushag Krikorian
Scouts Representative

My name is K. Galin Tashian. I joined the Providence community a few years ago moving from Washington D.C. I was also a Homenetmen-agan when I was in Washington D.C. I am currently serving my second term on the Providence Executive and was also a member of the committee that planned the Providence Homenetmen 40th Anniversary Dinner. I currently work as a Pharmacist at CVS. My husband, Garo Tashian, is also an active member of the Providence Homenetmen Chapter.

My name is K. Manoushag Krikorian, I have been elected to the Executive every year since 2018 and have served as the Scouts Representative. I have been an active Homenetmen member for many, many years and the first time that I was elected to the Executive was in 1986. My entire family has been very active in Homenetmen. I have 2 daughters, Ida and Siran, who were Scouts for a very long time and both have served on the Chapter Executive in previous years. My husband, Christopher Krikorian, was just elected as a member of the Regional Executive for the 2022-2024 term. I am proud to be a member and want to continue to work to make our chapter stronger.

Y. Nareg Mkrtschjan
Athletic Director (Seniors)

Y. Levon Attarian
Athletic Director (Juniors)

My name is Y. Nareg Mkrtschjan, I have been an active Homenetmen member since I was young. I first joined Scouts and then also became an athlete, playing basketball, volleyball, and soccer. I was selected to represent the Eastern Region to play basketball at the World Pan-Homenetmen Games in both 2013 and 2017. I have served on the Providence Homenetmen Executive for two years now. This is my second term on the Chapter Executive serving as the Athletic Director. In addition to Homenetmen, I currently also serve as the President of the Providence AYF-YOARF “Varantian” Chapter. In 2022, I look forward to helping establish several Junior and Senior sports teams for our Providence Homenetmen members.

My name is Y. Levon Attarian, I was born and raised in Pawtucket, RI. I enjoy my wine and paint nights, long walks on the beach, writing Haiku poetry, and listening to the famous Greek musician Yanni. I joined Homenetmen in 1986 at the age of 7, thanks to my best bud Arees, and have participated as both a scout and athlete. I have also been involved in various organizations, at different levels, throughout my life. I participated in Homenetmen basketball from the 1990’s to the eatly 2000’s placing localally, at the Navarsartian Games, and Canadian Homenetmen tournaments. At the annual Homenetmen picnic, I was the last person to win back-to-back Tavloo championships in 2005 & 2006, as well as the Homenetmen fishing championship in 1995, catching a whopping 5 inch fish! (I was the only person who caught a fish that day). With my wonderful wife, Lala, I have three young children, Shahen, Aram, and Vanna who are active scouts and are continuing our family tradition of being dedicated Homenetmen members. I am currently serving on the Board of Trustees, Captain of Grill Team 6, have a PhD in dad jokes, a cigar aficionado, and an avid Boston Celtics and San Francisco 49ers fan. This will be my 4th term serving on the Providence Executive with my first term being in 1998. I am excited for the upcoming year and am looking forward to working with my fellow executive members to strengthen our chapter.

K. Maral Kachadourian
Social Director &
Vice Chairwoman

I joined Providence Homenetmen in 1981 when it was formed. Although I didn’t have scouting experience, I learned quickly by reading all the ‘kidelik’ books, learning from new members who were scouts in the Syria and Iran and attending seminars provided by the Boston Homenetmen chapter.  My love of scouting and teaching the younger members allowed  me to move up the ranks and become Khmpabed from 1984 to 1998.  In the meantime, I got married to Hamazasp Rachdouni and had 2 children while serving in Homenetmen as a scoutmaster and holding a full time job and raising a family.   I was the oldest ‘darazavor’!  I continued to serve on the Scout Khorourt for years and supported our children Vicken and Raffi Rachdouni in scouts and as athletes as they earned their ranks and leadership positions up to Khmpabed.  I am proud to say that my entire family has been active in Providence Homenetmen in these past 40 years.

Besides serving on the  Providence executive, I also served 2 terms on the Eastern Region Scout Council.   My most wonderful experience was attending Homenetmen Jamboree in 1994 in Armenia representing the U.S. Eastern Region as Pokh Khmpabed of 21 scouts.

My heart will always be in scouts.