October Review of Scouts

By: K. Taleen Donoyan & K. Rosdom Mkrtschjan

The past month was very busy for our Scouts. Sunday, October 3rd, was our annual Yertman Araroghoutouyn, therefore on Saturday, October 2nd, we had a dress rehearsal for it. All of the Scouts practiced marching in, getting out of line, and we rehearsed what they needed to say. The Kaylig and Ardzvigs practiced the Medz Ganch and the Ari and Arenoushes rehearsed all 4 anthems.  It was a very helpful rehearsal as all Scouts learned exactly what they need to do.

We did not have our normal gathering on Saturday, October 9th, as we all went apple picking at Pippin Orchards. On Saturday, October 16th, the Ari and Arenoushes split into their classrooms. The Norendza class learned about the geography of Armenia. The learned the names and locations of the rivers, lakes, mountains, and cities of Armenia. The Ayp Gark class learned about the meaning of the words “Nation” and “Fatherland”. They also started to learn about the history of the Armenian people from 1890-1921. They were taught a brief history of how Armenian schools started to open during this time and how the first political parties started to form. The older Kaylig and Ardzvigs were given a lesson on the founding and history of Homenetmen. The younger Kaylig and Ardzvigs worked on their marching commands and played a game of “Simon Says”.

We also did not have a normal gathering on Saturday, October 23rd, as it was the annual Armenian Food Fest and all of our Scouts, including some Kaylig and Ardzvigs, were volunteering and helping to make sure the Fest was a success.

Saturday, October 30th, was our last gathering of the month. All of the Kaylig and Ardzvigs were taught a lesson about the order of the flags and the 4 Parevs (Ways to say hello). Then they learned about what a panagoum is and what we do at panagoum. The Ari and Arenoushes spent the first half decorating the Aramian Hall for the Costume Party that evening. During the second half, they had a group discussion about the first part of the general meeting that was held on Tuesday, October 19th. They also discussed proposals that they would like to bring up during the second half of the general meeting that will be held on Tuesday, November 16th.

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