Homenetmen Providence Holds First Half of 2021 General Membership Meeting

 By: K. Mkrtich Arslanyan

On Tuesday, October 19th, the Homenetmen Providence Held the first half of their Annual General Membership Meeting. TO start the meeting off, a 2 member Tivan was elected. The Tivan’s roles is to lead the meeting and directing the flow and discussions that arise. The members if the meeting elected Y. Garo Tashian as the Chairman of the Tivan and Y. Hrag Arakelian as the Secretary.

     Next 3 committees were elected: the Resolutions Committee, the Ballot Counting Committee, and the Archive Committee. The role of the Resolutions committee is to listen to the chapter report and all questions of the chapter report and determine their recommendation for the evaluation of the past year’s executive. The evaluation that they can give are: Insufficient, sufficient, satisfactory, commendable, highly commendable (Անբաւարար, բաւարար, գոհացուցիչ, գնահատելի, յոյժ գնահատելի). The Ballot counting committee counts all of the votes throughout the meeting and determines if the votes passes or fails. The archive committee reviews the archives of the past year to ensure everything is up to date.

     Once the committees were elected, K. Siran Krikorian, the treasurer of the Chapter Executive presented the one-year report. The report includes all of the major events of the year that the Scouts, Athletes, and general member participated in. Once the reading of the report was finished, the floor was open for questions from any member present at the meeting. After all questions were answered, the Archive Committee gave their report.

The next section of the meeting was for reviewing the agenda of the 44th Regional Convention (Nergayatzouchagan Joghov) that was to be held on November 5th – 7th, in New York. The members reviewed the proposed resolutions and by-laws changes by the Regional Executive. Then members had the opportunity to propose their own resolutions that were to be presented at the Regional Convention. If the proposed resolution passed a simply majority vote, then it would be presented to the Regional Convention for those members to vote on. Once all of the resolutions were proposed, delegates needed to be elected to attend the Regional Convention. Y. Mkrtich Arslanyan, K. Anahid Donoyan, Y. Nerses Donoyan, Y. Rosdom Mkrtschjan, K. Hasmik Parsadanyan (Chairwoman of the Scout Council), and Y. Hagop Khatchadourian (Chairman of the Chapter Executive) were all elected to attend and represent the Providence Chapter. Y. Arthur Arslanyan will also attend as a guest and Y. Harout Tashian would also be present as he is the Regional Scouting Khmpabed. Once the election was completed the date for the 2nd half of the meeting was set and the meeting was adjourned.

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